How We Print


Showing up to your event in the perfect custom t-shirt begins by matching your needs with the right print process.  How do you decide which method is right for you?  Check out the four techniques we offer at K2 Teamworks.


Screen printing is the standard process for decorating apparel. Our printers apply your artwork to a large screen that acts as a stencil. Then each color of your design is sequentially applied to the screen. The result is a vivid and resilient print that looks great and has a soft feel.  Keep in mind that every color in your design requires a separate screen, so artwork containing more than a few colors can get expensive.  If you have a smaller order that does need to be screen printed, remember to limit the number of colors in the design to keep your per shirt cost down.

LOW MINIMUM (Minimum of 6 shirts)

Screen printing can be expensive when ordering only a few shirts. If you have a smaller order but still demand a vibrant, multi color print, (or especially photographs) then our durable EcoMagic transfer is just for you!  This full color, high quality transfer is ideal for pocket-area prints and printing on sleeves, but can also be suitable for some larger prints.  Best of all, EcoMagic transfers can be applied to any color garment, making them the perfect choice for your customization needs. Please note that the designs we can produce with EcoMagic must be fully enclosed - meaning that the area of the design cannot have any of the fabric showing through the middle of the design.  For example, only text that is incorporated as part of the design (versus above or below it) can be reproduced. Give us a call and we will gladly explain in more detail.